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Season 5 Episodes

Brian Garrett, DVM discusses breeding your horses using modern technology.


Donkeys! Who doesn’t love Donkeys? Meet Donna Campbell Smith who literally wrote the book , “The Book of Donkeys.” From there we head to visit with Shannon Hoffman for even more info on donkeys and get a chance to meet some of her best friends.


Did you miss Sport Horse Nationals 2017? Enjoy this episode with guest host Lee Chase as she does a wrap up of this big event!


Being a Mounted Policeman is not an easy job at best. Join us for a talk with Linda Hoover on training for these officers and how obstacle course training really helps.


See what is involved in owning a “horse ambulance” when we talk to Justin McLeod of 4 Hooves Equine Rescue.


2017 Horses Got Talent Highlights Part 1


Horse Transport Services can be perplexing. Meet Justin and Tori McLeod from Southern Pines and take a look at what is involved with horse transport.


Miss Rodeo North Carolina 2017